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My name is Shikara

Shikara is an ancient word, referring to a peak or tip of a spire in old architecture. My parents didn't know they gave me such an esoteric name, but it's led to me having a deep love for knowledge of all things old and new.

Śikhara — m. [noun]: a point, peak (of a mountain), top or summit (of a tree), edge or point (of a sword), end, pinnacle, turret, spire etc.

Śīkarā — Second of the eight Mātṛs born from the body of Śaśinī, according to the Kubjikāmata-tantra. These eight sub-manifestations (mātṛ), including Śīkarā, symbolize a connection to the Moon. They are presided over by the Bhairava Krodha and his consort Vaiṣṇavī.


Shikhara | Shikara | Shikar — in North Indian temple architecture, is the superstructure, tower, or spire above the sanctuary and also above the pillared Mandapas (porches or halls); it is the most dominant and characteristic feature of the Hindu temple in the north.


The North Indian Shikhara is basically of two types:

  • the Latina, curvilinear in outline, the type most usually found above the sanctuary;

  • the Phamsana, rectilinear in outline and capped by a bell-shaped member, the form more usually found above the Mandapa.


Śīkara (शीकर) refers to “drizzle”, which signifies literally “raindrop”


Śikarā (शिकरा) — m: a hawk or falcon.


Śikāra (शिकार) — f: hunting, venery, the chace, game.


Śikārā (ಶಿಕಾರಾ) — [noun]: a big, strong boat with apartments for staying in, while on water.


source: Wisdom Library: Kubjikāmata-tantra


The journey

From the Earth to you.

My first creations started in 2018, when I shared some things I was having fun making and someone asked “Is this for sale” my response was “If you want to buy it” I had no idea anyone could be interested to purchase things. Fast forward a few years and I have made over 200 pieces of custom jewellery, been Opal Mining in Lighting Ride, NSW, collected Sapphire from Inverell, NSW, Jade from Hanging Rock in Tamworth, NSW, assorted natural minerals in Outback Australia and traded with people from Queensland, Australia to Pakistan, South Asia.


I’ve done multiple markets, sold wholesale orders to gift shops and been the proud creator of many gifts and birthday presents.

Why share things online?

What will you do with your time alive? How does it make you feel?

We are all of divine creation, like every microscopic part of our dimension, we all have the choice to create whatever we desire to bring into focus. That is why my passion for crystals and energy alignment is here for you to browse through, it has allowed me to make meaningful experiences with people, and even you!



Crafted by one person, a one man show is a dedicated production

Everything you see here online has been crafted and produced by one person, Shikara. 

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