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Crystals appreciate some love and care, this means giving it the chance to transfer electrons and re-energise. There are various methods to cleansing stones because they have the tendency to hold on to a particular charge.

You want your crystals to bring stable and efficient energy and not imbalances. We naturally absorb energies from our environment and crystals do the same, just like an electrical circuit that is constantly transferring frequencies. 

Because crystals channel energy it can be good to refocus this stored current so that it can transmit at a level you appreciate. Crystals can be used to speed up healing and improve mental health and emotional wellbeing.


The best methods are to use sound, the sun, the ground, a tree or water as they all transfer electrons freely. 


Crystals, minerals and a range of beautiful formations have been structuring themselves during every moment of existence.

Within the flowing layers of our realm, minerals and crystal structures form under the generated conditions that allow the space for things to grow. Crystals found are always composed of some number of oxygen, aluminium, silicon, iron, calcium, sodium, potassium or magnesium atoms set in a specific structure (called a lattice.)

These are elements found within all of the crystals you admire from afar, walk by daily and very likely the ones you already have with you (regardless if you have a collection already as the world around you is composed of crystalline structures, and the same elements exist within you organically too.)


Many necessary environments and factors lead to mineral crystallization. the duration of time known to create crystals varies, as many are now man-made in laboratories. 


A crystal lattice is a formed unit cell that other atoms build upon, this structures a pattern that then becomes a solid object. A crystal type will always have the same or similar internal structure regardless of its shape, size and quality, or if it is broken or flawless. this is because spaces can appear between the molecules of the lattice allowing for an unsymmetrical pattern or a uniquely coloured specimen if variable atoms take place within the minerals structure.

This is also the basis of geometry, the mathematics to explain and align the facts about the geometric world we live within. Since we can find in all aspects of science and nature these identifiable repeating patterns, we know and live by these shapes and energies regardless of our conscious effort to do so. The stillness around you is altered by the different inflections of the patterns and shapes that you (or others) bring into existence.


Your crystals will also absorb the energies of other people and their auras, this is why cleansing your stones can be like hitting the reset button. Here are three basic scientific processes by which crystals, gemstones and minerals can use and store energy. These are conduction, pyroelectricity and piezoelectricity.


An underrated generator of electrical force that works by transforming mechanical stress like vibrations or pressure and causing physical stress on a specimen. This results in alternating current voltage. This process happens by the crystals molecular structure being physically misshapen by some form of repeated stress.



Is a process where electrical charges can be created when minerals are exposed to temperature changes. Specific minerals develop an electrical charge when heated, others when cooled. This change in temperature alters the positions of the atoms within the crystal structure.



As we all should know is the ability of a mineral to conduct electricity. Specific conductors can be placed between a wire carrying electricity, and electricity will pass through.

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