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Sound has an effect on everything it touches, the vibrations felt even via mental thoughts can change the form of a molecular structure.

Vibration has a distinct method of interaction causing whatever object it encounters to resonate and allow such a vibration to enter, pass through or transmute with said object. This is a molecular manipulation at the smallest and largest scale, the same as a hydrogen bond in a body of water.

7.83 HZ

Every uniquely designed aspect of this world exists in energetic alignment of some kind.


Deeper understanding of this power is known through the various stages of life experiences and all of recorded existence. The Earth around you pulsates a frequency that your body is generally attuned to, it is called: Schumann Resonance.

An electromagnetic energy pulsating from the ground into the sky at 7.83Hz. Your body is an intelligent super organism that knows how to move toward or pull away from energy that causes healthy or damaging state. We naturally sync to our energy fields or whatever electromagnetic field is around the area, or across all quantum particles.



“Michael faraday produced an electric current from the magnetic field and discovered the effect of magnetism on light. You may know it from the term “faraday cage” developed electromagnetic field theory, where the universe is thought to contain fields that create forces with each other. This scientific framework provides the foundation of energy medicine for both distance and intentional healing.” - (Robinson et al., 2020).

The "Human Energy Field” is described as an interactive and influential electromagnetic vibration that can be detected with instruments. Having the natural ability to absorb and emit energy. Dr Valerie Hunt (1988) measured the energy field and responses to nature as an Extremely High Frequency (EHF). She found that beyond the heart and minds energy production and the mitochondrial electron transfer present within each cell, are layers of collective operating frequencies.


Defining these invisible layers of the human body as the:

  • Etheric Body

  • Emotional Body

  • Mental Body

  • Astral Level

  • Etheric Template

  • Celestial Body

  • Ketheric Template


Sound is vibration. Vibration can pass trough anything, can you imagine what it would look like?


This matters because it has the ability to physically change the shape of matter. This is proven in polarized hz wavelengths that have the ability to turn sand into a flowing substance, metal into liquid that can return to shape, and cells into specific geometric formations. So sound literally, matters.


Vibrations and the use of measuring tools and imagery can be used to visualise and explain all forms of content from biology to etymology, this depends on your knowledge and ability to grasp the universal laws.


(Di Stefano, 2006; Britannica, n.d.


When you hear the story of a monk in zazen (sitting mediation) chanting slowly with measured breath “Aum” this is not a purposeless task of breathing, in fact it is not the same as “Om” for example either. It is a way of aligning to energy.

Aum is a Chant for the Anja or Third Eye Chakra and resonates to the Note of B, with the ability to produce a resonate frequency to 480Hz and a lower octave to 108Hz. A perfect “Om” chant sits at 432Hz. This vibrational range produces the colour Orange in Piano Key Notes. The Svadisthana or Sacral Chakra is Orange. No wonder they are always wearing such colours from Red to Yellow. What a way to ground oneself thoughts perhaps, and another importance of mantras and affirmations for frequency magnetism.


Cymatics is the study of modal vibrational phenomena which is visible sound and vibration.


This allows the visual exploration of the effect that sound and vibration has on matter. Instruments that use lighting techniques, speakers, apparatus, plates, diaphragm, membranes, particles, paste or liquid are incorporated at levels to allow different patterns to emerge depending on the oscillating driving frequencies.

Chladni plates and cymascopes are good examples of tools used to create cymatic visuals. these tools perfectly curate sound into sight and allow the mind and body to connect with the frequency of the geometric shapes and patterns. Flowing through different pitch and equilibrium creates various beautiful designs.


Our conscious and unconscious thoughts are permeating the world we live in.


Just how far do you think your energy goes? All the way, or at least until it bounces off and absorbs into something. when you have an emotion towards an object it directly effects the cellular construction of that things existence, there is no doubt about that, like the double slit experiment in for quantum physics.


Water is not only a molecule capable of biological life but is highly conductive to the energy within and surrounding it. making masuru emoto’s studies on prayer and neglecting words by monitoring their affects on water, or more precisely the shape that frequency forms as a snowflake. find all images from this segment at their accredited studies from Focused Life Force Energy by clicking the button. “the effects of thoughts, emotion and prayer on the aspects of water have been studied by Dr. Emoto and hundreds of interested minds for decades and continues to be explored each day and night. These snowflakes are not random, they are created by divine source.” MASARU EMOTO With extensive work that has inspired the life of many others to explore and play with the science and fun of interacting Water and Frequencies, find Dr. Emoto's website with the button above. “


The movement of an electron molecule from an electron donor to an appropriate electron acceptor, the formation and breakdown of molecular bonds, the electronic and conductive properties of all things.

The specific components of your body are penetrable at a macro and microscopic level. Sound interacts with all Minerals and Elements, as Aether is the "space between space" holding the Matrix Lattice Mesh of your aspects together; sound is a useful tool for alignment. The shapes and designs of Cymatic Frequency imagery are not random occurrences, they are laws of the natural realm, a flow studied by all on Earth.

From ancient architecture and so called "hidden knowledge", to the daily use of harsh electronics that interact with electromagnetic fields, cymatic patterns are everywhere if we could see them so easily. It's why some places have a magical aura about them, and why stagnation, tension or stress can be felt seemingly inexplicably in other places.


The vibrational impact of our environment can be changed temporarily or permanently with just sound alone. This is why music choice, word choice, thought patterns etc. are something to be conscious of as you are physically shaping this realm with your words, sounds and inside emotions.

The sounds and patterns we use to create words are drawn out much more than need be. Original syllables are short and precise, matching wavelengths and emotional pitch that creates a wider language spectrum, take non-English languages for example and you will find they have no need for half the extra words or long sounds that we create. They speak their language pronunciation to English sounds as a way to put it.

There’s more to it than that, why do people who learn English as a secondary language have a unusual time pronouncing slower vowels and consonants? This is because English does not engage the lower or upper abdomen, the diaphragm or lungs, the throat or nose or Pineal Gland, in fact English can be spoken with no more than a drawl of a blocked nasal “Howyagoin” and so their stronger physical aspects do not relax in the same shape as a native English speaker.

All other languages engage one of or all of the mentioned physical components other than a reverberated pitch from the mouth. This allows for a body that carries itself and the breath in a strong and stable mannerism, which is why most non-English speaking countries have a deeper understanding of The Healing Powers of Sound and incorporate this into their daily lives.

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