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Metal is an important part of my jewellery making, I started with hemp and cotton making very basic pieces, I moved to metal as the conduction process between crystals and metal makes a much more resonant foundation.





Copper is a chemical element on the periodic table that holds the symbol Cu. Copper is a soft, malleable metal that does an extremely well job of conducting currents. It is found in large ore bodies and as it is a native metal it can be found in isolated pockets where it sometimes exists as a pure natural specimen.




Copper sits at 3 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, with Diamonds being 10 this wire is easy and enjoyable to shape due to its soft properties. Copper is an essential element within nearly all plants and animals. It is even an element found within the bloodstream of humans and animals, however of course if present in excessive quantities, copper is poisonous but you'd have to be ingesting it, it's perfectly safe to wear on skin - you'll know if you aren't keeping your Copper clean if it starts to turn your skin a greenish blue colour. 

Copper is considered a mineral to increase energy and mental agility because it is such a powerful physical conductor of electricity and heat, it can be used to aid in leveraging frequencies from oneself or even crystals and other elements and compounds. As crystals are conductive and generate, regulate or store energy, using Copper as a tool to amplify these frequencies is popular among Healing Practices.


Copper has the ability to conduct Orgone Energy between individuals, crystals, Auras, Torus Fields, environments, the mind and the Spiritual World. Copper is not magnetic but interacts with magnetic fields in interesting ways, even generating it’s own electrical current when in the presence of a magnet, which creates it’s own magnetic field.


I prefer to use it to wrap jewellery as it oxidizes, which means it can change colour to a darker shade which I sometimes like better, or you keep it clean and shiny if that's what you'd prefer. 



Brass is an Alloy of Copper and Zinc, it is not found naturally and is instead manufactured. The composition of Brass, generally 66 percent Copper and 34 percent Zinc, which exhibits greater resistance to corrosion.




Brass can come in many colours, and has many types depending on how it is created and what ratios of metals are involved so I won't go into detail here, but it is a tougher material than Copper on its own and makes for stronger jewellery pieces. It is used widely across the World in ornamental pieces for its Gold look, in music instrument manufacturing and in the manufacturing of some electrical conductors.


Brass is also conductive but much less so than Copper on its own, however it and can interact with Magnetic Fields and form Eddy Currents which are closed magnetic fields, making it an interesting metal for the use in Crystal Healing. 




As electrons pass through the wire it transfers energy, this process of conduction causes corrosion as the metal becomes passive, meaning it tries to protect itself under certain conditions to form a layer of oxide preventing excessive damage from environmental factors. Wrapping crystals in copper is said to aid with the flow of frequencies within stones to the wearer -  so your electrical body, plus conductive wire, plus a crystal capacitor are going to equal an enhanced energy circulation.

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