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Moss Agate Tower
  • Moss Agate Tower


    Moss Agate are a Chalcedony Mineral Formation with green coloured filaments of oxidised Manganese or Iron.

    A stone of grounding and stability, aligned with your Heart Chakra. Moss Agate brings new growth into your life, allowing you to place trust in the Universe and connect with nature, to let things come to existence in the way they should, without force.

    These Moss Agate Towers contain deep patters and swirls due to the way microcrystalline quartz settled in layers.

    Crystal dimensions:

    Height: 6-10cm

    Width: 2-3cm

    Price display is per item, one Moss Agate Tower, meaning your new crystal will be intuitively selected. The photos displayed represent the quality of your crystal, do keep in mind that crystals are natural formations and come in many shapes, sizes and shades of colour. Before being shipped, your crystal will be cleansed by the sound of a singing bowl.