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Zeolite and Calcite Crystal Plate
  • Zeolite and Calcite Crystal Plate


    Zeolite and Calcite growth on Sedimentary Rock from the wall of a Zeolite Mine in Pune, India.

    Crystal Dimensions:

    Approx. 17 x 15 cm

    More about Zeolite:

    Zeolites are a powerful purifier, excellent for balancing and resetting energies. Zeolite has been known to absorb excessive or toxic energies, cleansing negativity relieving stress and overwhelming emotions.

    These stunning crystals are powerful detoxifiers, they provide a protective filter for your all of your Chakras, enhancing your environment by absorbing toxins and increasing your response to healing.

    Zeolites occur naturally where volcanic rocks and ash layers react with alkaline groundwater or they can take hundreds to thousands of years to crystallise near marine basins.

    Naturally occurring zeolites are rarely pure and are contaminated to varying degrees by other minerals, metals, quartz, or other zeolites, there are hundreds of unique Zeolite mineral structures that have been identified all across the world.

    More about Calcite:

    Calcite are a calcium carbonate polymorph mineral. Many Egyptian artifacts where created from calcite. Calcite comes in hundreds of varying forms as it is one of Earths most abundant minerals. Used in the production of glass, cement, fertilizer, metal, paint and to polarize optical devices and is also a base mineral in limestone and marble.

    Said to enhance memory and learning abilities Calcite is stone to keep close by for studying or at work. Bringing release to emotional stress, calcification build up and overactive organs. Inducing tissue healing and a functioning immune system.

    A cure-all detoxifier, Calcite revitalizes the deep soul and aura. Acting as an antiseptic for the Chakras a Calcite white rainbow inclusions is said to be a stone of new beginnings. Calcite is found all over the world in a variety of forms and colours, often in combination with other minerals